I’m all about America and freedom, that’s my thing.

I believe we have a horrible relationship with money and we are keeping ourselves stuck in bad jobs, bad relationships, and living a mediocre life because we don’t know how to get ourselves out of the mess we have created when it comes to money.

In a nut shell, as a nation, we have crazy debt, we don’t take personal responsibility for our choices, and we like to blame other people for our problems. This is the messy truth of it but I have a solution to this problem and I can’t wait to share it with you, you’re going to love this! We are going to Kill Robin Hood!

My name is Janine Elias and I’m a story teller and coach who specialized in how your personal story shapes and defines your life. I unlock the hidden power behind how the fables we grew up with influence our decisions and perceptions of how to be a good person in the world.

As we uncover the deeply held beliefs you adopted through your stories you can begin to reframe your experience as you retell your personal story to create the life you long for filled with more time, more money, more freedom, and more adventure then you ever imagined possible!

My first Aha about the power of my personal story came…

After dropping out of high school and going back to college years later. I barely made it through the ninth grade and had horrible written English skills. In fact I had a hard time putting two words together and if I could manage to put a few words together I certainly couldn’t spell them correctly. Part of my personal story was to tell myself I was illiterate which made me feel incompetent.

One of my English teachers took me aside and explained to me I have the capacity to be an incredible writer all I needed to do was write like I speak with a few minor adjustments. That one statement changed my life because it transformed my story! My personal story went from me being illiterate to simply needing to make a few minor adjustments, and the rest is history!

Who would have thought I would go from a high school dropout to having a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and becoming a professional author, speaker, trainer, an entrepreneur! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you simply change your perspective as you retell your story!

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A personal note from Janine…

What I truly offer is my heartfelt passion, enthusiasm, and genuine love for life and people.

I BELIEVE in the good that lies in each and every human being. I WANT to help you live life on your terms. I believe you have within you the strength, fortitude, courage, and wisdom you need to live an extraordinary life all you need is a push in the right direction and a map to get there.

Anyone can uncover their passion but what I do that’s so different is I help you connect with the courage you need to ‘DO’ what you need to do to actually live your passion.

I truly want to connect with you and support you along your adventure to financial independence.

I would like to invite you to join my weekly community call, grab a copy of my book, or at least a sneak peak at my first two chapters by entering your name and email address at the top right of this page!

With Love and Appreciation,
Janine Elias

Professional experience:

  • Janine has been teaching, motivating, coaching, and guiding others for two decades.
  • In 2010 Janine traveled America to uncover how we can make America a better place. She traveled 6,228 miles, 21 states, and 9 major cities interviewing hundreds of people along the way. www.JaninesGodBlessAmericaTour.com
  • She has contributed to the private sector in a corporate environment of consulting, leadership development, management, sales, motivation, and training.
  • Founder of Polearity in 2001 – an organizational relationship consulting company serving individuals and small business, which has been expanded into the Elias Relationship Academy in 2006.
  • Contributing to the public sector in education working as a College Instructor teaching psychology and child development for over 13 years.
  • She received a California State Pupil Personal Services Credential while working with at risk youth. Certification to be a school counselor for grades K-12
  • Certified by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as a continuing education provider for MFT’s and LCSW’s. Provider number 3705
  • Janine attended the Center for Deployment Psychology trainings on Working with the Military Population and Treating War Related PTSD and Trains Therapist in the State of California in these areas.
  • Keynote Speaker Janine’s One Sheet
  • Associate Member of the American Psychological Association.
  • Associate Member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist.

Janine has earned an:

  • Associate Degree – Business Management Pierce College – Woodland Hills, Ca.
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Psychology Antioch University – Santa Barbara, Ca.
  • Master’s Degree – Marriage Family Therapy-Philips Graduate Institute – Encino, Ca.
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