This Halloween More People Are Scared of Money Than of Monsters

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Are you afraid of the dark? When the lights are out our bedroom can become a frightful place filled with monsters. The jacket we left on the chair, the cracked door of the closet, or the pile of laundry in the corner can suddenly take on a live all it’s own. Once we turn the light on all the spookiness slips away and it’s just our stuff. Traditionally we might think of being afraid of the dark is kids’ stuff, I don’t know about you but I have a nightlight in every room of my house to keep those monsters at bay! What about the how frightful it can be to take care of our money? Do you ever feel … Read More

Janine EliasThis Halloween More People Are Scared of Money Than of Monsters

Can One Person Make a Difference?

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WARNING READ POST BEFORE WATCHING VIDEO Have you ever wondered if one person can truly make a difference? Do you often wonder if what you are doing is having an impact? Are there times when you feel you are just spinning your wheals and wonder, “What’s the point”? The video you are about to watch might hold a political and religious charge for many people but that’s NOT why I have chosen to share it with you here today. I picked this video because this heated conversation is a historically powerful example to demonstrate how much power we truly have as individuals to impact our own lives and the world in which we live. I have lived my life as … Read More

Janine EliasCan One Person Make a Difference?

Identify Your Villains

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In the recent release of my book Kill Robin Hood ~ The surprising truth about what it really takes to get rich, we explore the concept of having villains in our life that are blocking our success. One of the main premise in the book Kill Robin is the fact that, here in America, there are no unseen forces of rich people trying to keep you down personally. We explore the reality that for most of us we are our own worst enemy and we are keeping ourselves down with the stories we tell ourselves and the world about who we are and how we move through the world. Stories that may have helped us cope with various levels of … Read More

Janine EliasIdentify Your Villains

Want’s Versus Needs

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Three Things to Consider As You Prioritize Your Want’s Versus Needs The path to financial independence is riddled with obstacles and one of the most challenging ares is prioritizing your want’s versus your needs. When you want something it is a desire to possess or to do. A need, on the other hand, is when something is required or is deemed a necessity. Food, water, shelter, sleep, all necessities. A down pillow to sleep on, lobster bisque to eat, sparkling water to drink, the Ritz Carlton for the weekend not necessities but depending on who you ask very desirable prospects to satisfy the basic necessities. The challenge you face as you are moving toward creating financial independence is how do … Read More

Janine EliasWant’s Versus Needs

Did Your Year Turnout As Planned? Mine DIDN’T!

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Another year has come and gone! I had such high hopes for 2013 but the universe or the powers that be didn’t have the same results in mind! Don’t you hate it when that happens! Boy oh Boy was this the year for Murphy’s law or was it just me? Anything that could go wrong did go wrong and so did a few things that were in the bag, until the bag got a hole in it! The funny thing about this past year, with the good the bad and the ugly of it, it was a blast! Here’s a list of what wrong: 1. My book didn’t get finished yet because the publisher farmed out the illustrations to a … Read More

Janine EliasDid Your Year Turnout As Planned? Mine DIDN’T!

Coping With Grief and Loss During the Holiday Season

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It’s Christmas and everyone I know seems to be so happy, filled with the spirit of Christmas, when all I can think about is the fact that he’s not here. He died last week. It was sudden and completely unexpected. One day he is skiing down the mountain and the next day he had a stroke. Initially his speech was slurred and he didn’t have movement in his left side but after a few days in the hospital he started to get better. His speech was coming back, his paralysis was going away and we were both hopeful and thankful he was still with us. We kept saying how lucky we were and how much worse it could have been, … Read More

Janine EliasCoping With Grief and Loss During the Holiday Season

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

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What makes you a happy person? Do you know what will truly make you happy? One of the biggest challenges you face is actually knowing what it is you want in life and within your relationships, the not knowing can cause your true happiness to elude you. But how can you know what will bring you joy if you haven’t experienced it yet? I know I’ve heard the saying, “Money can’t buy you happiness” most of my life but the funny thing is, for the life of me, I can’t remember the first time I heard it or who in particular use to say it. It’s just such a common saying I can’t pinpoint it’s origin in my life. There … Read More

Janine EliasCan Money Buy You Happiness?

Review Kill Robin Hood

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As any good writer or marketer will tell you it’s important to connect with your audience and this is why I have reached out to a focus group to answer a series of questions about the book after reading the first draft, basically creating a Review of Kill Robin Hood.  I had been working away diligently on my book “You Must Kill Robin Hood to Get Rich” for a little over a year. I got the idea, wrote the outline of chapters, I wrote the first 3 chapters, and then the book sat untouched for 10 months. In January of this year I told myself, “Janine it’s time for you to step up! You would never let your clients get … Read More

Janine EliasReview Kill Robin Hood

How to Turn a Positive New Behavior Into and Old Habit!

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I wrote a post last week about “Why will we do anything to avoid doing what we know will get us what we want?”, and a colleague of mine Yvonne Thompson, commented “I came to the conclusion that we are basically lazy and it is easier to grouse about our weaknesses and failures than to actually DO THE RIGHT THING.” Which inspired me to write today’s post! How do we turn a positive new behavior into an old habit! Which is actually a million dollar question. I was inspired to write this post when Yvonne said “we are basiclly lazy”.  Yvonne is  an incredible business woman who has developed a successful online company where she offers the services of a … Read More

Janine EliasHow to Turn a Positive New Behavior Into and Old Habit!

Why will we do anything to avoid doing what we know will truly make us happy?

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It’s 4:00 am and I can’t sleep! I was watching Johnathan Fields new show yesterday, the “Good Life Project” and he had Dan Ariely on as his guest. If you are not familiar with Dan he has written several books about why people do what they do and how to change their behavior. One of my personal favorites is “Predictably Irrational” an absolute MUST read! But as I’m lying in bed unable to sleep I can’t help but wonder “WHY”! Why is it as human beings we are so irrational and out of control? I’ve actually been wondering this since I was 5 years old. Why on earth do we do the things we do? If you look at the full spectrum of human behavior … Read More

Janine EliasWhy will we do anything to avoid doing what we know will truly make us happy?