Power, Control, and Freedom…

All of the work I do with my clients is specifically designed to support you in experiencing more

        • Power: to make your own decisions.
        • Control: to set boundaries and establish guidelines
        • Freedom: to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.

The ultimate principle is for you to be able to live life on your terms. To do this you must have a level of financial stability that gives you more options and choices. There is no way around this fact.

To experience this level of control over your life you need to position your business to be able to generate the resources you will need to create long term financial independence.

It’s important to remember the work we do togehter is not about money.  It’s about what the money can “do” for you.

It’s time for more intimate support…

You want more for your life and your business. You know you have so much more to give and contribute and you believe in what you are doing yet you’re not quite clear what’s missing.

    • For some of us we are working on stabilizing our financial standing within our business, increasing our income, and building our nest egg.
    • For others we feel trapped in the day to day functioning of our business and have lost touch with our passion, enthusiasm and vision.
    • And then there’s the business that are growing and flourishing yet haven’t taken the time to establish a clear vision and commitment of how you want your business to expand and grow within your community.

For so many of us we’ve been doing the work. We have read the books, attended the workshops, and even hired a mentor or various consultants.

Even though we have been doing the work we just can’t quite achieve that breakthrough we need to move our business to the level we want to be at. This can leave you feeling like there is something in the way, something blocking you but you just can’t quite put your finger in it.

When we work so hard and are committed and dedicated to doing whatever it takes yet we aren’t seeing the results we want it’s not uncommon to feel frustrated and at times even hopeless.

The breakthrough you seek lies within your story…

In business it’s common to hear the statement “its not personal, it was just business” but the reality is your business is very personal. Your business sustains you and your family. For many we have poured years of our life into our business and for some of us it’s literately our lifes work.

Yet there is something holding us back something blocking us from moving forward and part of our struggle is we are looking in the wrong place to solve our dilemma. The problems we are facing are not just about the business but it’s about how we relate to and interact within our business.

Sometimes we have a pattern of behavior that’s blocking us that seems to move through different areas of our life like a thread in a tapestry. We might even have some idea what it is or where it came from yet we are at odds about what to do with it or how to change it.

Your personal story is what you tell yourself and the world about who you are and how you move through the world. You have been telling yourself this story for so long you don’t even realize it’s a story, to you it’s simply your life.

The exciting thing is your story is a version of your life. The perspective from which you tell your story can actually be changed. Changing your perspective can transform your life and open your future to countless possibilities.

The change takes place within the telling and retelling of your story…

Together we will explore your story. We will uncover where your story is blocking you from getting what you want. As we move through this process we will explore varying perspectives of the meaning you have attached to events and experiences to clarify what is working in your favor and what is keeping you stuck.

As you move through this process I will become a witness to your life and a guide as you discover your true vision for your business and your life. I will hold the space for you to overcome and release your blocks clearing an opening to explore the possibilities of what your life can be.

I’ve created a series of coaching packages to support you in moving well on your way to Declare Your Financial Independence.

Financial Independence Coaching Packages:

Streamline Your Success Power Segment: When you have one specific area you want to concentrate your energies toward streamlining your progress and creating forward movement this is the package for you. We will pick a specific area of focus for development. We will hone in on how to best overcome any blocks that are keeping you from the end result you seek.We will create a strategic plan with specific tasks and timeline to get you there, with a personalized structure of accountability with the necessary tools of measurement to keep you on track as you arrive at your end result. This is designed to get you there in record time!

  • 12 Coaching Sessions via Phone or Skype over  3 months.
  • Blueprint to Financial Independence Assessment this assessment uncovers the discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Review Blueprint and pinpoint a specific area you want to hone in on.
  • Identify key steps needed move to next level.
  • Establish a 120 day Action Plan to begin positioning Your Business for Long Term Financial Independence.



Establish Your Road Map: this package is designed specifically for you to create a clear path to Declare Your Financial Independence. Over a period of 6 months we will develop a clear picture of where you stand today. I will work with you to establish a vision for your future that is so vivid you will be able to taste, touch, and smell the success you seek.We will create a detailed, simple, and structured road map tailored specifically to meet your individual needs with a time line for strategic implementation. You will be securely on the path to positioning your business to create financial independence in record time!

  • 26  Coaching  Sessions Via Phone or Skype over a period of 6 months
  • Blueprint to Financial Independence Assessment; this assessment uncovers the discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Road Map: create a clear and concise map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in record time while removing any potential road blocks that might get in your way.
  • Establish a definitive time line and key steps to move forward.
  • Utilize measurement tools to track your progress getting you to your end result in record time.


Full Force Package When You are Dedicated Determined, and Driven: this package is designed specifically for you when you are committed to do what ever it takes to move your business forward exponentially while creating a balanced, happy, and exhilarating life. You are not willing to settle for good or ordinary. You are determined to achieve and experience excellence! You are dedicated to living and extraordinary life. You are driven to going the extra mile You know you are capable of so much more and are ready to take your life and your business to the next level.

  • 42 Coaching Sessions via phone or Skype over 12 months
  • Blueprint to Financial Independence Assessment this assessment uncovers the discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be.
  • We will explore all areas of your life personal, professional, and relationship development skills and create a strategic plan tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements to put you firmly on the path to financial independence and living life on your terms.
  • We will begin to unlock your personal story and identify the blocks that might be preventing you from moving forward in a specific area or simply slowing your progress and efforts with a plan to remove or dissolve these hindrances moving your forward in record time!
  • You will develop the relationship tools you need to transform your life that you can apply in both your personal live and your business. These tools can be utilized in all walks of life and will give you the self-confidence, personal power, and ability to overcome obstacles you need to navigate the many stages and cycles of life and business.
  • Includes 6 Week Financial Independence for Small Business Online Training.


You’ve waited long enough…

How many times are you going to tell yourself tomorrow, or next week, or when I finish this project I’ll be ready to give myself more attention?

Having the one-on-one individual support tailored specifically for your needs creates powerful momentum.

Give yourself the added value of having someone be a witness to your experiences who is objective and can provide you the clear and concise feedback you need to catapult you to that next level you’ve been struggling to achieve on you own.

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