The key to enjoying a balanced life lies within your personal story…

Balance is an art from. So many of us long for feeling balanced in our life when it comes to our ability to juggle work and home, money and investments, our mind- body- spiritual connection, and how to easily experience happy and fulfilling relationships.

We are constantly being bombarded with demands and the wants and needs of others often putting ourselves on the back burner until we are all burnt-out with nothing left to give. Now it’s time for you to replenish your personal supply of energy, motivation, and enthusiasm by uncovering what is truly important in your life as you connect with the true meaning of wealth.

We will be exploring the reality that experiencing wealth within our lives goes far beyond financial constraints for it is not the money we seek it’s the freedom and liberties that having financial stability can bring to our life.

Our Community Call has been suspended until June 22nd. We look forward to making this Summer the catalyst for your success!

Every Monday at 6:00 pm PST we will be hosting free community call where we will begin the adventure together developing balanced, fulfilling, and vibrant lives while creating financial independence along the way. A key component is to enjoy what we do so we are able to experience more fun, joy, and enthusiasm in everything aspect of our life.

Let’s come together in community and create the support and enthusiasm we have been longing for!

This is an open form allowing you to get your questions answered, share your ideas, and come together to build an amazing community while experiencing more balance in your day to day life.

Here are a few of our upcoming topics:

June 15th: Why Women Are Not Getting Paid What They Are Worth and What You Can Do to Increase Your Revenue.
June 22nd: Two Things You Can Do Today To Combine Spirituality and Freedom of Expression.
June 29th: Five Ways to Experience More Freedom In Your Life.
July 6th: Three Ways to Make More Money While Working Less.
July 13th: Three Steps Toward Becoming The Leader You Want to Be
July 22nd: How to Keep Yourself On Track
July 27th: Five Tips to Develop a Principled Centered Thriving Business
August 3rd: Are You Ready to Declare Your Financial Independence?

Join us weekly via phone, computer or Skype. All calls are live, there is so much more to gain when you engage in the process. Have your questions ready! Our Adventure begins…

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