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We thought it would give us more freedom…

Do you remember why you went into business for yourself? For many of us it was because we wanted:

  • To have more freedom to set our own hours and have a more flexible schedule to spend time doing the things we love.
  • We wanted to be able to choose the people we work with so we didn’t have to work with people who made us miserable anymore.
  • We were crazy good at a skill or trade and thought, “Why am I making “them” rich, when I can make myself rich instead?”
  • We wanted to give back to the community and be of service to the world in positive and socially conscious ways.

BUT this isn’t as simple and easy as we thought it would be, many of us experience:

  • Instead of working flexible hours we work day and night just trying to keep up.
  • We thought we wouldn’t have to work with people we didn’t like but we are accepting any client that comes our way just to make ends meet regardless of how miserable it can be to work with some of our clients.
  • Even though we have mad skills in one area, as a small business owner we have to wear dozens of hats in areas of work we have no training or understanding of the position yet this work is vital to our success and so much is falling through the cracks and hindering our success.
  • We had an idea of what we wanted to create in the beginning but we have lost sight of our vision in the mist of the day to day trying to get it all done.

We wanted more freedom and peace of mind, we wanted to contribute in positive ways, and we wanted to be able to grow and develop our business yet it hasn’t turned out the way we had initially imagined it would be.

Instead we worry and wonder how are we going to standout in a saturated market, how are we going to keep ahead of our competition, and how are we going to create the stability and quality client base we need to not only sustain our business but to thrive in an ever changing  the market place?

Navigating  an ever changing economic climate… 

Over the past five years we have suffered extreme economic decline. Many of us lost our jobs, our businesses, our homes, and our retirement. For those of us who faired better we still lost significant equity in our properties and our investments. Families, industries, and entire states have been left desolate because of our distorted and destructive relationship with money as a nation, within our business practices, and in our personal lives. We have been left with our concept of the “American dream” shattered, we no longer trust “the system”, and so many of us are unsure where to go from here.

For most of us we have spent the vast majority of our life doing what we thought we “should” do to make a better life for ourselves and our families. We went to college, got a good job or took the leap and ventured into a start-up business, we made the investments in our retirement portfolio, we bought a home, and we worked very hard to have the finer things in life. We thought, “If I do everything right – then I will get what I want… the house, a loving partner, kids, the dream of a happy family and the white picket fence… I was so sure I was going to live the “American Dream”

Instead the banking and mortgage industry crashed our country and the world were thrown into economic turmoil and everything we have worked so hard to build came crashing down around us. For so many of us, we didn’t want to be where we are today, in fact we might not even be sure how we ended up here but here we are… rummaging through the aftermath of a painful financial decline picking up the pieces of shattered dreams, our life will never be the same and we are wondering, “Where do I go from here and how do I rebuild my business, my financial standing, and my life”

Despite the whirlwind of confusion, overwhelm, and feeling of loss you are determined to rebuild and you want more this time, you’ve decided you are not going to settle, yet you may be struggling with the feelings of guilt, shame, and doubt wondering, “What you could have done differently?”

On top of all this, you are fundamentally worried about how you are going to create long term financial stability and this time you want more then financial stability you want Financial Independence. You want to know you have all the money you want to live the life on your terms. You want to be able to take care of your family and be able to thrive instead of survive in any economic climate.

In every hour of darkness there is a moment of clarity…

After a going through a global financial crisis and losing everything or taking a traumatic hit you never expected you find yourself at a this crossroads. You have a choice to make, “Are you willing to turn the devastation into an opportunity of a lifetime?”

When we experience a financial crisis of this magnitude it can cause us to become disillusioned. We become more clear, than we ever wanted to be, that life doesn’t always turnout the way we plan and that things are not always what they seem. Being disillusioned can be one of the best things that ever happened to you if you open yourself up to the possibility of what lies ahead.

Whatever your personal experience through this global financial crisis and economic down turn had been now is the opportunity for you to take a moment in your life and really connect with yourself, reassess what truly matters to you, uncover who you are, what YOU want from your life, explore ways to reposition your business, start a new business, or rethink your career path while creating a plan of action to make it all happen. This can be a turning point you’ve been waiting for when you choose to give yourself the second change you deserve.

It’s time you got a “mulligan” an “adult do over”…

Remember when we were kids and we would ask for a “do over”? As adults we forget about the enthusiasm and excitement we once held at the possibility of “doing it over” and the wonder we once enjoyed as children believing anything was possible. As we grow and move through the world we lose that wonder and as the day to day kicks in, we end up just getting by, we end up in survival mode going through the motions. Then one day it all comes tumbling down and you find yourself here.

Losing everything we worked for or taking a major financial hit brings about a level of pain we couldn’t even fathom until we experience it personally but there is something miraculous that can come from being brought to our knees if we let it in and that is hope. Hope that maybe life doesn’t have to be “this way” maybe life can be different.

You have the power to decide where you go from here. You can turn trauma into triumph. After all the best time to start a small business venture and to build substantial wealth is in a downed economic climate. This is the perfect time fiscally to open up a new business, rebuild your shattered business, or expand and grow your existing business.

A key factor to consider as you move forward in your business development is the reality that YOU are your business. If you are out of balance, if you are unclear of your vision for your life and your business, if you are not living your life on purpose and with clarity of direction your business will suffer.

When you lack clarity of vision, purpose and direction your business suffers in many ways:

  • Your confidence may wain as you question if you have enough experience, training or expertise.
  • When you question your personal and professional value you under value your products and services substantially lowering your income potential.
  • When you underestimate your value you won’t ask for the money you deserve and are more willing to negotiate a lower fee scale if someone challenges your price.
  • When you question yourself and are not sure of what you have to offer you will hesitate in taking forward action to grow and expand your client base and your over all business.

The choice is yours and the time is now for you to take this opportunity to turn the tide in your favor. Give yourself and your business a second chance.

  • It’s time to put yourself first and to clear away the clutter and unearth a long-term vision and direction for your business as you uncover where your true passion lies.
  • It’s time to move your life and your business to next phase as you become more focused, empowered, and confident then ever before.
  • It’s time for you to have the security of financial independence giving you the freedom you desire to do what you want, when you want, and how you want to do it!

What you are creating here is sustainable wealth through the highest quality business practices placing you well on the path to experiencing financial independence! Where you no longer have to worry about making ends meet, waiting and hoping for that new client or contract to keep your business going, or wondering what tomorrow will bring because you have created the level of financial stability to know you and your family will be ok in any economic climate.


It’s important to note Financial Independence is about so much more then “money”…

  • It’s about the freedom of choice the money will afford you.
  • It’s about having power and control over your life.
  • It’s about giving yourself permission to do and be so much more than you ever thought possible.
  • It’s about having all the money you need to live life on your terms.
  • It’s about moving past the ordinary and living the extraordinary.
  • It’s about connecting with and living your dream.

This is the true meaning of wealth! And this is what you experience when you say, “I deserve a second chance! I declare MY Financial Independence!”


The key to your independence is hidden within the layers of your Story…

Have you ever made the statement or heard other people say, “I’m the kind of person who…?”

This is a common statement and it’s often the beginning of your story. The story you tell the world and the story you tell yourself that explains your behaviors and your beliefs. We often do this without even giving it a second thought not realizing how it actually impacts our behavior and at times keeps us stuck in the past.

The exciting part of this process is as we uncover our story we empower ourselves to retell the parts that are not working for us and alter our path, change our destination, and create whatever future we desire for ourselves. This is so cool!

When we were kids our parents and caretakers told us stories and read us fables. Fables like Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Train That Could, The Wizard of Oz just to name a few. These stories and fables were filled with life lessons and human experiences that allow us to connect with them on a core level.

The problem that arises is that these fables are just fables and don’t describe real life. They are exaggerated accounts of human experiences with a moral to the story for teaching purposes and they are NOTHING like real life!

The reality of life is:

  • Real life isn’t fair, a faire is a place you go to win a prize.
  • Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.
  • A white knight is not going to come and sweep us off our feet.
  • We are not going to stay young forever, eventually everyone has to grow up.
  • Having money doesn’t make you a bad person.

After experiencing a painful major life event such as a financial crisis, decline or loss of livelihood, and being disillusioned with the world we can see how these deeply held beliefs may have gotten in our way. Here are some statements that you may have internalized:

  • The belief that if I do everything right I will be rewarded.
  • If I’m a humble person and put the needs of others first, eventually I will be appreciated and loved.
  • If something bad has happened to me, I must be being punished for something I did. Or on a core level I’m simply a bad person or not good enough to be happy like everyone else.
  • Wanting money is shallow, superficial, and wrong when there are so many people in the world suffering and going without.
  • When a person is on a spiritual path they forgo the finer things in life and sacrifice for the good of others.

These are just a few of the deeply held beliefs you might hold but you weren’t aware are influencing your decisions and blocking your success. As we move through this program we will explore the story of your life, how you view the world, and what your deeply held beliefs are.

  • We will unlock any limiting belief that might be blocking your joy, happiness, or success.
  • We will uncover the areas of your personal life that are hindering your to develop a thriving business or move your good business toward becoming a great business.
  • As you rewrite your story you will move out of the forest of excuses in into the Land of Possibilities where you will develop the personal power to create any lifestyle you desire!
  • As you redefine your relationship with money you will begin to experience the freedom and independence you covet.

This very program Declaring Your Financial Independence has evolved from my book, You MUST Kill Robin Hood to Get Rich. Where I use the power of this childhood fable to take the shame and guilt so often associate with money out of the equation and focus on the positive aspects of using money for the tool which I believe it is intended to be.


You might be wondering what your personal story has to do with your business…

In the business world there is a common statement that goes something like this, “It’s not personal, it’s just business”.  The reality is it absolutely is personal! Your business or your career sustains your family, it’s your livelihood, you poor your heart and soul into your work and when it’s your own company or your business it can feel like an extension of who you are.

And in some ways it actually is an extension of who you because it is your underlying beliefs that determine your actions. For example, if you have the underlying belief that your work is about service and not about “the money” you might have a hard time pricing your programs, asking for what you are worth, or increasing your fees. You see your personal story drives your behaviors in every aspect of your life and for you to improve your business standing you must unlock the deeply held beliefs that may be blocking your success in every aspect of your life.

When you participate in this program we take a holistic approach. Your work, your career, your business contributes on more levels then we realize toward enhancing and improving your life. When you are doing the work that inspires you, excites you, and fulfills you it transforms your entire life. Your happier, your health improves, your relationships become easier and more rewarding because you are so happy, you are able to form deeper and more intimate connections, and you are just more fun to be around for other people and yourself!

Holding a Clear Vision of Your Business Opens Up an Unprecedented Level of Personal Motivation…

Declaring Financial Independence through the development of small business, opens up a land of endless possibilities. It is thrilling to experience how quickly your life and your business transforms as you begin to retell your personal story.

  • As you clarify your vision you will start attracting more of the clients that you just LOVE working with.
  • Knowing where you are headed as a business and within your personal life gives you the freedom to begin to expresses yourself through your programs and services as you become a magnet for your ideal client.
  • You will experience a sense of relief and the feeling of freedom, knowing that you have a plan and direction to not only survive but thrive in any economic climate.
  • Sleep better at night knowing your business and your family are both firmly on the path toward financial independence.

Let’s find out if this program is right for you….

Let’s see if we are a good fit for each other. Here are our most frequently asked questions to help you decide if this program is what you have been looking for. If you have any additional questions I’m happy to answer them and when you apply for the VIP training package you’ll have a 20 minute interview with Janine just in case we left anything out!

Here are some FAQ’s to get you thinking.



How long are you going to wait for things to get better?

It’s not uncommon for people to wait it out and hope things will get better. We tell ourselves, “We just need some time.”

I don’t know about you but I once suffered through a tooth ache for 6 months hoping it would “get better” and it finally did get better once I took action and went to the dentist. I suffered for 6 months and they fixed it in less than an hour!

You know you are ready for a change. You know you are ready to give yourself the second chance you deserve.  You know you want to or you wouldn’t have gotten this far investigating this program.

You have nothing to lose, there is a money back guarantee, and you have everything to gain!


I know you are ready to get started right away and to just to sweeten the pot a little more I’m adding these special bonuses!

Bonus # 1 Kill Robin Hood Package
($149 Value)

This package includes the Ebook version of Kill Robin Hood: The Surprising Truth About What it Really Takes to Get Rich and the interactive online workbook to accompany the book.

This will give you an entire series of Action Steps to catapult you well on your way to experiencing financial independence.

Bonus # 2 How to Easily Talk About Money
($349 Value)

Talking about money is a touchy subject. How do you price your products and service? When do tell your potential client what your fees are? When should you raise your fees and how do you present your new fee scale to your existing clients? How do you negotiate your rate or fees?

I’ve created this special 90 minute bonus training that is designed to give you the guidelines to, not only make this difficult topic easy, but to make it fun and exciting to talk about money!

As added BONUS to this segment as I will guide you in how to find mentors to help you build wealth.

Bonus # 3 Two Months of Email Support with Janine
($349 Value)

With our busy and hectic schedules you might find yourself working on your Action Steps at varying hours and want or need your questions answered before the following live training. Fret not, you can email Janine directly with questions or any need for additional support when you have the Deluxe or VIP Package.

Bonus # 4 One 90 minute “Connect with the true meaning of wealth” Power Session with Janine
($495 Value VIP Package)

For so many of us it’s easy to connect with what it is we “don’t want” but when it comes to knowing what it is we “do want” we are often stumped. This is why it’s so powerful and important to connect with what the true meaning of wealth is for YOU.

To ensure you are focused and headed in the right direction, once you have completed the first 4 week segment of the program, Janine will spend 45 minutes with you digging deep and uncovering what will truly make you happy and bring joy to your life. You will receive personal attention and guidance as you create your outline for the next three years and begin the detailed breakdown of the next 120 Days with an action plan to put you well in your way to financial independence.

Bonus # 5 Get Ten 60 Minute Individual One on One Personal Mentoring Sessions With Janine
($3,499 Value VIP Package)

Now that you have decided to give yourself a second chance and redesign your business, your life, and your future having all the freedom and independence you desire give yourself an additional gift of personal attention and the laser focus that only comes when you have a personal mentor on your team!

When you have a personal mentor working with you individually to support, guide, direct, and challenge you and experience phenomenal results. Experience results come at an unprecedented speed that you know you won’t be able to accomplish on your own. This is why it is imperative to ALWAYS have a mentor. Give yourself the gift of a Janine as your personal mentor!

Bonus # 6 Receive One Ticket to Janine’s Annual Live Event in Los Angeles California
($3,995 Value VIP Package)

Take your journey full circle when you attend Janine’s Annual Live 3 Day Event where likeminded people from all around the world come together to talk about how to be the change you want to see in the world, how to find and connect with some of the most powerful mentors in the world of finance, and so much more! Airfare & Hotel is not included. Visit our Live Events for all the exciting details.

Select Your Package







Declare Your Financial Independence comes complete with PDF’s, audio recordings to guide and direct your weekly action steps to give you structure, support, and accountability as you begin establishing your long-term plan for financial independence and living life your way.
6 Weeks of Live Interactive Trainings Sessions Jam-packed with vital information to support you in redefining your story, changing your paradigm with money, and move toward financial independence with laser precision.
Online Forum creates a community of support, encouragement, and the possibility of life enhancing friendships with a group of likeminded people.
Financial Independence Library is filled with recommended readings, templates, PDF’s, websites, and additional resources to give you the added edge you seek.
Signed Declaration of Financial Independence you will create your very own personalized Declaration of Financial Independence
Super Sweet Bonus Just for YOU!
Eight Weeks Email Support With Janine get the extra support you crave between trainings directly in your in box! ($349 Value)
Kill Robin Hood Package is jam packed with bonus features to streamline you success. ($149 Value)
How to Easily Talk About Money enjoy this exclusive 90 minute intensive making talking about money easy and fun!. ($349 Value)
One 90 minute Power Mentoring Session with Janine dig deep and get crystal clear. ($495 Value)
10 Hours of Individual Mentoring With Janine gives you the full package! Give yourself the extra attention and the added edge to move yourself forward exponentially! (3,499 Value)
Receive One Ticket to Janine’s Annual Live Event in Los Angeles California take your journey full circle when you attend Janine’s Annual Live 3 Day Event! March 7, 8, & 9, 2013 Airfare & Hotel is not included. ($3,995 Value)


It’s time for you to invest in your most valuable asset YOURSELF!

You’ve waited long enough for things to get better and now it’s time for you to take action in moving yourself forward and transform your business and transform our life as you claim the second chance you know you deserve. It’s time for your do over!

  • When you Declare your financial independence it can feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.
  • It’s exhilarating to put yourself first. When you fill yourself up you have more energy, more time, and more money to do the things you love to do with the people you love to be with you will find yourself experiencing levels of joy, self-confidence, and personal sanctification in ways you never even dreamed possible.
  • Connecting with your innate passion and translating that into the world in the work you do, the relationships you choose to have, and the way you connect with the world will transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Claim your personal power as you stop waiting for things to get better and take action to gain your independence and live life on your terms.

You’ve waited long enough. It’s time for the next chapter of your life. You can still have the happy ending you have always wanted. Simply open yourself up to the land of possibilities that awaits you!
Apply now while there are still available seats. The program size is limited to keep the personal connection and intimacy of the program so we fill up quickly. You don’t want to be placed on the waiting list!

I’m about to do something crazy! I’m so excited about the release of my book You MUST Kill Robin Hood to Get Rich and the incredible success of this provocative and revolutionary book I just can’t help myself! I’m giving you a special offer that I’ve never done before and I don’t plan to ever do again!

I’m adding a VIP Category to this offer that is unprecedented! Get all the support, guidance, and accountability you need with added one on one attention! Apply today before I come to my senses!

You can automatically register for the Basic Package and the Deluxe Package BUT there are only 20 slots for the VIP package because this package is so detailed and provides so much personal attention you must apply and the spots will be awarded to the most motivated and dedicated people who are ready to turbo charge their business today! Don’t miss out apply right now! The VIP Special Offer is only good for the January Start Date.

P.S. I urge you to apply now. Because we go deep and this program is so powerful and life changing it’s important to me to maintain the intimacy of the program so space is limited.

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