My fundamental philosophy is talking, dreaming, and planning is all important and part of the process but DOING is what is ultimately going to get you where you want to be. My coaching clinics are action packed filled with many sources of personal accountability and individual support to guide you in removing any blocks that might keep you from DOING what needs to be done to get you where YOU want to be!

The Key to Financial Freedom is to provide you a lifestyle of your own personal design. I have created a 4 Step Process to guide and support you as you create whatever level of wealth you seek through changing your relationship with money, your ability to talk about money, and your ability to increase your earning potential though establishing a massive action plan to get you well on your way to long term Financial Freedom.

I strongly recommend you first take the Financial Freedom Powerhouse Package to see were you need to expand your vision before taking one of the individual steps. 

Step 1 is to be able to identify what it is that you want. To have a clear vision of what you are looking to create in your life. So many people know what it is they do not want yet have no idea what it is they do want. The area is key, for the process of  knowing what you want creates clarity of purpose and keeps you focused and motivated to move toward your end result ~ Financial Freedom!

Step 2 is for you to be able to talk about money. This is an extremely delicate subject. Most folks are very uncomfortable talking about money,yet it is powerful and important for you to feel comfortable and able to easily talk about money, to ask for money, to set boundaries around the getting and spending of money, and to be able to have the hard discussions with your family or employer about money. You will never be able to scientifically  increase your earning potential if you are unable or unwilling to talk about money for it is your ability to ask for what you need that will allow others to give it to you.

Step 3 you must take a long hard look at your relationship with money. The deeply held beliefs you hold surrounding money have a major impact how much money you have and how much dept you carry. It is imperative for you to know what thought or beliefs you hold that may be hindering you from moving forward on your path to creating Financial Freedom. We must uncover the beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with new beliefs that will move your forward improving  your relationship with money and your ability to begin surmounting wealth.

Step 4 how to get what you want is the final ingredient to your financial freedom! The odds are you have taken numerous  goal setting classes, programs, read the books, and implemented the techniques dozens of times in your life with success but for whatever reason you are not applying what you know to this area. We will look at what you currently know and tweak it a bit to take the pain out of goal setting. Instead we make it fun, easy, and simple. We will break the process down simplifying it moving you forward with laser speed on your path to Financial Freedom!

The coaching clinics will be tailored to the people who are attending them. I look at what you need and want to achieve and we take it form there to give you added value and personal attention! 

What are you waiting for… lets get started!

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Each program is offered online. Once you register you will receive the information you need to log in and participate in the event. All the training sessions will be recorded for you to go back and listen to again or for the first time if you miss one if the sessions.  The clinics sessions are broken down into 90 min intervals provided weekly for the duration of the program.


Janine EliasCoaching Clinics