Why would you hire any old speaker for your next event when you can provide a provocative and revolutionary Story Teller who will captivate, engage, and inspire your audience? Janine Elias is sure to make your next event “The Talk of the Town”!

All of Janine’s topics are designed to open her audience up to the possibility of being and doing more in every aspect of their life as they personally uncover how the stories they tell themselves about who they are, their personal life circumstances, and the events of the world influences their decision making process in ways they could have never imagined.

Janine’s colorful life experiences sweetens the pot of her many talents. Growing up as an Army Brat and traveling the country Janine had the opportunity to experience firsthand the vast cultural diversity of America. This combined with her formal education enhances Janine’s ability to relate to all levels of an organization and form deep connections with her audience on personal, professional, and cultural levels.

A key component to every story Janine tells is to leave her listener with actionable steps for applying her concepts. Her audience leaves with a new understanding of how much power and control every person truly has in their own life. Her captivating presence and contagious enthusiasm more than entertains, it inspires her listeners to take simple action steps every day to move themselves closer and closer to where they ultimately want their life to be.

Her key message is that in order for us to truly take control of our life experiences we must first unlock our personal stories. Only then can we reshape them to open ourselves up to the unlimited possibilities that await us through making simple changes to our daily habits.

If your groups is ready for a powerful life affirming experience that will challenge and entertain them while moving them toward creating a better life and a stronger organization then Janine Elias is the speaker for you!

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Kill Robin Hood: The Inside Story to Why You Must Kill Robin Hood to Get Rich!
    • Uncover “what you think about money” and how that thinking is hindering your ability to increase your earning potential and what to do about it.
    • Learn how to take the shame and guilt out of your relationship with money.
    • Leave with 3 Action Steps you can do today to begin creating financial independence.
  • The Revolutionary Target Setting System: Never Set Another Goal While Achieving Anything You Set Your Sights On!
    • Learn the simple yet powerful system that will quickly and easily take any dream from ideal to real with a revolutionary paradigm shift.
    • See how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you long to be by setting your sights (getting crystal clear on your intention), taking aim (when, where, and how will you get there), and taking concise action (doing the daily action steps to actualize your end result).
    • Remove the shame of failure from the process of getting and achieving what you want when you switch from goals setting to Target Setting.
  • Connect With the True Meaning of Wealth: Unlock the Secret to Having All the Money You Could Possibly Want!
    • Unlock the clarity, confidence and courage key to breaking through the barriers which keep you feeling stuck, stressed and unsatisfied.
    • Unleash your full potential when you connect with your BIG ENOUGH WHY opening you up to connecting with the most potent level of motivation you’ve ever experienced.
    • Leave with a vision of the extraordinary possibilities that await you in your life, your organization, and within your community once you have connected with the true meaning of wealth!
  • Declare Your Financial Independence: Basic Principle to Living Your Life Your Way and On Your Terms
    • Unearth how your relationship with money truly impacts your life while establishing a clear and powerful plan filled with simple action steps you can take today to establish financial independence.
    • Create the basic foundation for establishing and maintaining clear and effective boundaries needed to secure financial independence.
    • Explore how to enlist the power of partnerships to grow and maintain various levels of wealth needed for financial independence.

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